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At Arcadia Care we provide a safe, caring, supportive, therapeutic, and homely environment for children and young people who experience problems with their mental health and with eating disorders. We offer personalised care to help overcome complex needs, and to help overcome the challenges they face. We aim to be the best at what we do for our service users, for our staff and for the local community. 
Our site Park Lodge in Wolverhampton is well positioned and connected by proximity to other Eating Disorder Services and is served well by local transport. Access to leisure, shopping and sports facilities is good as they are in close proximity to the hospital. 

Our approach 

Our treatment approach focuses on physical and mental stabilisation and recovery. We deliver a collaborative model of care that works with young people and their family system. The model uses the frameworks of systemic and trauma informed approaches to understand the young person's challenges and offers interventions that to improve emotional regulation. We do this through providing a range of therapies and positive behaviour support. Younge People in our care will each have a positive behaviour support plan. (These are referred to as their STEP Plan an acronym for Stop Things Escalating Please).  
Our service is designed to ensure the provision of a compassionate young people focussed care setting where we put young people at the heart of everything we do. All processes and systems within the service have been developed to ensure they are young people friendly. Our development is supported by a panel of experts by experience who use their lived experience of services to help us overcome care delivery challenges.  
The treatment programme for each young person will focus in achieving weight restoration, alongside support and therapy to develop skills to regulate their emotions in a safe way.  
Our approach will include working closely with families or carers wherever that is possible, face to face or virtually. We work with community teams and the specialist commissioning teams (including within provider collaboratives) to ensure admissions and post discharge support is co-ordinated.  
Our programmes are flexible and you will have the ability to adapt yours as you progress. Your treatment can be scaled up or scaled down, depending on the support you need at each stage of your recovery journey. 

Our expert team delivering eating disorder treatment programmes is made up of: 

Other mental health and eating disorder professionals 

Park Lodge 

State of the art 15 bed CAMHS-ED service representing Arcadia Care’s EDC facility that is complimented with innovative biotechnology that supports advanced care delivery.  

For any questions about assessment or admissions please contact us. 

Telephone: 01902 283773 | Email: 
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