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Clinical Psychologist  

Job Title: Clinical Psychologist 
Job Location: Park Lodge, Wolverhampton 
Pay: Disclosed on Application - Full Time 

Job Purpose: 

To be responsible for the delivery of psychological assessment and treatment to patients admitted to Park Lodge Hospital. To coordinate risk assessment and advise on risk management/ risk reduction strategies. To provide supervision and teaching opportunities within areas of competence and to undertake relevant clinical and /or forensic research. 

Main Tasks: 

To contribute to the assessment of newly referred/admitted patients, the formulation of patient treatment needs and the provision of psychological treatment programmes for children and young people with eating disorders. 
To monitor and supervise the implementation of psychological programmes within the service, ensuring that these are based on sound psychological principles and practice. 
To deliver NICE informed evidence based care in line with national best practice guidelines and evidence. 
To assist with the monitoring and reviews of psychological programmes and to ensure that staff have adequate understanding of Cognitive Behavioural or any other psychological principles/approaches necessary for their proper support of any programmes. 
To provide timely reports for patient’s reviews, ward rounds and CPAs etc. 
To contribute to the development of in – service and other training programmes. 
To ensure that any records necessary for the evaluation of service needs and the effectiveness to meet them efficiently are maintained to a professional standard. 
To ensure that research and audit is undertaken relevant to the assessment of patient’s needs and the development and evaluation of intervention. 
Participate in the Units Senior Management Team (responsibilities include participating in the Units Senior Managers out of hours on – call rota). 
Provide managerial, clinical/professional supervision and support to psychology assistants within the department, and to other staff as appropriate. 


Where delegated to efficiently manage day-to-day material resources ensuring adherence to financial limits. 
Adhere to all policies and procedures relating to financial control within the unit. 


To contribute to the development of policies as appropriate and to ensure that all policies and procedures are followed at all times. 
To be responsible for attending in-service training sessions and external courses as required and to ensure that any staff within your area of responsibility receive proper opportunity for any professional development required by their duties. 
To contribute to in-service training programmes. 
To ensure that the Company’s profile is maintained by presenting to and contributing to professional events as appropriate or required. 


To be competent in the performance of professional procedures and practices, addressing and bringing to the immediate attention of the Senior Management Team any variations in these practices in others. 
To engage in Continuing Professional Development to ensure and enhance the quality of the service being delivered to clients. 
To work within the values of Arcadia Care in development a compassionate care culture ensuring the well-being of colleagues is influenced through a positive and co-operative manner with them, the patients and their carers and any visitors or other relevant agencies. 
To understand the 1983 (or subsequent amendments) Mental Health Act and the Registration requirements for the unit and to work within the requirements of these. 
To ensure that clinical practice within your area of responsibility complies with codes of practice and guidelines endorsed by professional bodies such as the BPS Division of Clinical Psychology, British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapy and the Mental Health Act Commission and any other relevant Registration body (e.g. Health professions Council). 


The post-holder will have access to a wide range of confidential information relating to patients, staff and the company which must not be divulged to any unauthorised person in any circumstances. 
All employees should be aware that because of the nature of work Arcadia Care Healthcare undertakes there are elements of risk relating to challenging behaviour, lifting, and handling and passive smoke. Appropriate training will be offered, and staff will be expected to participate. This Job Description is a guideline and is in no way restrictive or definitive. This document is subject to review in line with changes to requirements of service provision. 

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