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Welcome to Eye Infirmary 

The site will comprise two separate services: 
Specialist CAMHS-ED including for those young people with complex needs and eating disorders 
Special Educational Needs (SEN) School  
The Independent SEN School at the Former Eye Infirmary, Wolverhampton, proposes to; Foster a happy, safe, and positive environment in which trust, tolerance and respect are the foundations of learning and developmental objectives for all of its Pupils. 

The School will specialise in the Education of Pupils who may have: 

An Education Health Care Plan [EHCP] 
Learning Differences  
The Operator proposes to Register with the Department for Education, as an Independent School of no Religious Character, providing a maximum Pupil Roll of eighty inclusive of a maximum Residential Boarding occupancy of twelve. The Independent School Inspectorate will request the Office for Standards in Education to be the Regulator of the Schools activities from registration to delivery.  

Education will be delivered within a social context learning environment with particular focus upon the Regulated Outcomes: 

Social Development 
Personal Development 
Happiness and Enjoyment 
The Objective of the School is to enhance the social, emotional, and educational development of each and every Pupil. Affording individuals improved opportunity through well supported learning, environment, and community. SEN Environment 

SEN Environment 

The Independent Special School at the Former Eye Infirmary has been designed and built to a discriminating set of standards, led by the Senior Leadership Team for Education at Little Acorns School.  
The Building provides inspiring outdoor spaces despite its convenient, city centre location. Ground level and first floor outdoor classrooms provide sensory spaces, agricultural learning and the feeling of space and tranquillity while respecting the privacy of both Pupils and neighbouring properties. 
Large communal facilities and carefully designed thoroughfares provide intuitive avenues to move around the School. Allowing Pupils to become accustomed to the logistics of larger schools, while still enjoying the benefits of a more specialised environment. 
The design promotes easy integration of classes to support socialising, while providing more than adequate space for small group learning sheltered from the hustle of School life. Sliding walls make the transition from communal to individual learning swift and unintrusive, so the environment and the Staff therein can be responsive to changing needs with the utmost consideration. 

CAMHS Facility 

The Specialist CAMHS-ED on the site of the former Eye Infirmary, Wolverhampton, proposes to provide a safe, caring, supportive, therapeutic, and homely environment for children and young people with complex needs, in order to help them overcome the challenges they may face every day and to realise their full potential to achieve their personal best. We aim to be the best at what we do for our service users, for our staff and for the local community. 
We have a structured approach to the assessment, formulation and treatment planning for young people with eating disorders and trauma. We have named this our STEP model which integrates evidence based Systemic models of care, trauma informed approaches, emotional regulation and skills development and positive behaviour support. 
Our treatment approach focuses on physical and mental stabilisation and recovery. We will have a stepped care pathway model of care with three pathways – 1) stabilisation and assessment, 2) Moving on with treatment and 3) Continuing treatment and working towards discharge. All pathways are clearly described in line with NICE Guidelines and the Eating Disorders Guidance (RcPsych May 2022 - replacing adult and junior MARSIPAN) ). The programme will be suitable for those with complex needs (such as trauma and ASD) and will be suitable for children and young people with more complex needs and physical restoration needs. 
Restoring weight and balancing nutritional is led by our specialist team of doctors, dietitians and nurses. Our intensive therapeutic psychological treatment programmes will utilise a blended approach to group and 1:1 therapy to address the underlying triggers of the eating disorder and help young people develop hope and skills for living their life outside of hospital. The proposed CAMHS-ED service focuses significant resources on the mental health and wellbeing of some of the most vulnerable children and will include professional liaison and collaboration with our local partners, their Families and Carers. 

CAMHS Environment 

Eco sustainable 
Residential and education facility 
Delivered with high tech school with interactive learning 
Personalised bedrooms 
Individualised care pathway 
Interactive and friendly communal space 
Sensory facilities 
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