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Welcome to Rylston Road 

96 bed acute dementia unit 

Comprehensive dementia training programme 

We are passionate about creating innovative, warm and welcoming dementia communities. This relies not only on our home environments being fit for purpose, but also requires that all of our people have the appropriate skills and confidence to help and support our residents to maintain independence and engage in meaningful activities throughout their daily lives. 
We ensure that every team member working for Arcadia has undertaken a comprehensive dementia training programme, irrespective of their job role, we feel it’s important that everyone understands the needs of our residents. 


We are dedicated to providing an enriching, safe, stimulating and homely feel for each of our residents. We recognise that the environment plays a huge part in the ability to live independent lives. Our homes are designed with smaller communal areas, to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed and all of our rooms have a personal, individual touch, ensuring that our residents can both recognise and relax in their own familiar space. 
We acknowledge that some of our residents may have a visual impairment and hearing loss. With this in mind, all of our homes are designed with our residents’ safety as the paramount concern. To support orientation, we continue to provide practical and well thought-out environments. We use unique, specially designed signage to enable our residents to familiarise themselves independently around our homes as well as in their own apartments. Our handrails are small enough to allow them to be gripped securely and are painted in a contrasting colour, making them easily identifiable to our residents who enjoy walking independently. 
The use of contrasting colours between the floors, walls, and light switches aids with the ability to differentiate between them. Natural light is used wherever possible and is complimented by the use of both adaptable lighting distinguishing between day and night. 
We utilise both bright and contrasting coloured furniture to enable our residents to navigate around their environment with ease. Using a mixture of both sofas and armchairs, with waist height furniture strategically placed to promote safer mobility. 
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